Testimonial Basics: Input Forms

Content Input Forms

Create a new page and add [katb_input_testimonials group="All" form="1"] to the page content. Save your page. I strongly recommend you use Text mode when setting up this page. In the visual mode you will end up with the html wrapped in <code> tags and the display will be un-predictable.

group – You can set up the input form to automatically input a group name. Group names come in handy when you want to display only testimonials from a group, or when you want to add the Group name as the title. The default is All, but you can add any name up to 100 characters, though I wouldn’t get too ambitious. Tip: Make your group names simple and short because they can be used as titles for your testimonials.

form – You can have more than one input form on a page. This may come in handy if you want to gather testimonials in different groups. If you do this make the first one form=”1″, then form=”2″, etc. All forms in the content area must be a different number, and all forms in a widget area must be a different number.

Widget Input Forms

You can also use a widget as a user input form. Go to Appearance=>Widgets and drag the widget to the widgetized area. You can also enter a different title for the Widget if you want. The same options are available for the widget as the content input shortcode. Enter the title of the widget, the group name and the form number.

The image below shows the forms as the Visitor would see them. Both the main content form and the widget form are shown. In reality you probably should use one or the other. Visitors are required to enter an e-mail address, which is saved but never published. Once validation is OK, the testimonial is saved in the database, and the Blog Administrator or Contact Person for your site is sent an e-mail about the testimonial. However it is saved as not approved so it is not displayed until you have a chance to log-in, edit if appropriate, and approve. There is an option to have your testimonials automatically approved. There have been a couple of requests from users for this feature. I do not recommend it but have decided to let the user have an option. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

The input forms are shown with all options enabled. These options are discussed in the Options section of this documentation.