Testimonial Basics: Edit Testimonial Panel

Click the Edit Testimonials panel and you will see:

This is where as an administrator you will manage your testimonials. You can can add or edit testimonials here.


There is a drop down help section that provides a quick summary of how to use the “Edit Testimonials” Panel :

Enter or Update a Testimonial

To add a testimonial, simply fill in the form and click Save Testimonial :

  1. ID – every testimonial has a unique id. You can’t edit this field.
  2. Approved – must be checked or the testimonial will not be displayed. When you log into your site, Testimonial Basics will count the testimonials that have not been approved and display that count in a bubble next to the the menu item.
  3. Date – If left blank on new testimonials the current date and time will be used.
  4. Time – If left blank with a date set, the time is set to 00:00:00.
  5. Group – If you want to group your testimonials for display on separate pages enter a name of up to 100 characters for your group. Then later when you are setting up your display pages, you can select only the testimonials in that group. Group names can also be used as a title for your testimonials.
  6. Order – When you display testimonials you can use Order as a way to ensure certain testimonials are displayed first. Simply enter a number. Ordered displays are shown in ascending order so your more favorite testimonials should have the lowest numbers.
  7. Review Rating – If you are using the 5 star rating system you can enter or edit the star rating. Be warned, don’t play with the ratings, or it will come back to bite you. There are a lot of independent review systems out there that the individual can revert to if you start messing with their rating. It’s better to work with the individual to improve your rating.
  8. Author – Required, the name of the person who wrote the testimonial.
  9. Email – The email of the person who wrote the testimonial.
  10. Gravatar/Photo – When a testimonial is submitted the author must include an e-mail. You can include gravatars in your testimonials. If you choose to do so Testimonial Basics will use this e-mail address to check for the gravatar and will display it if it exists. If you want to show gravatars but not one for a particular author, just delete the e-mail address.
  11. Upload Image – You can also upload a photo using the upload button. This will upload an image to your media folder and insert the url to the image in the input box above the Upload Image button. Tip: make the photo 100px x 100px before you upload it. This photo will be loaded in preference to a gravatar.
  12. Website – Optional, input the Author Website and a link will be included in the display. Make sure you test the link…you don’t want broken links on your site, it’s bad for SEO.
  13. Location – Optional, the location of the person who wrote the testimonial.
  14. Testimonial – Required, enter the testimonial here. Full post html is allowed. So if the testimonial is long, you can break it into paragraphs.

Images – You can also add images to the content area from within the edit testimonial panel. Upload the image to your WordPress uploads directory using your media up-loader. Get the url to the image within the media up-loader edit screen. Add the following to your testimonial content area, at the start is the best. Maximum image width allowed is 100px.

<img src="http://www.image.url" title="your image" alt="your image" >

Once the Save Testimonial is clicked the testimonial is checked for validation, and then it is saved in the database. The form refreshes to include the saved testimonial. If you want to change something you can do it now, or later if you want.

Testimonials are listed most recent first. That way when you need to approve testimonials that have been submitted they will be at the top. Also note that the testimonials are listed 10 per page. Pagination buttons will appear when needed.

To edit a testimonial click the button under the ID column for the testimonial you want to edit and it will come up in the edit screen. Make your changes and Save Testimonial. It is that simple.

Bulk Delete – You can select any of the testimonials displayed and click the Bulk Delete button to delete them. BE VERY CAREFUL AS THERE IS NO SECOND CHANCE!

Note: If you have a cache plugin installed such as WP Super Cache, the page you use to display your testimonials may be cached. What this means is that if you add and approve a testimonial it may not immediately display. Simply edit and update the page. You can then reset your cache or wait until the cached files are automatically deleted and refreshed.