Testimonial Basics: Content Display Options

Content Display General Options

  • Layout Option – The Meta strip can be displayed at the bottom or the top or on the side.
  • Font for Content Display – Select a font (examples below) from the drop down list
  • Base Font size – This option allows you to change the font size. It should work for most themes but CSS Specifity can cause problems. If you do have problems and still want to change the size, contact me and I will try to help you. Do not worry about what an em is just try one and see what happens.
  • Use Pagination – Pagination can be used when all testimonials are displayed or when all testimonials from a group are displayed. You can not use pagination when testimonials are displayed randomly, or if a limited number are displayed.
  • Testimonials per page – You can select to display 3, 5 or 10 testimonials per page.
  • Use excerpts in testimonial display – check this box if you want to use excerpts. Display excerpts of testimonials and when the user clicks a “…more link”, the full testimonial is displayed in a pop up window.
  • Excerpt length in words – Input the minimum number of words you want to show in your excerpts. The excerpt filter will select a logical cut off point after the minimum which will be a comma, period, exclamation point or question mark.
  • Show title in testimonial – Click this box to display a title in the testimonial. Note that if you are using Schema layout, a title is required so this checkbox is assumed on, whether or not it is checked.
    • Go the the Schema section of the General tab
    • If you want to use the Group name you have for each testimonial as the Title of the testimonial then make sure that the “Group Individual Review Name” is checked
    • Fill out the “Custom Individual Review Name” and it will be use as a fallback if the testimonial does not have a Group name, or if the “Group Individual Review Name” checkbox is not selected.
  • Show website in testimonial – Click this box to display the website link. I’d recommend this for the content display but not for the widget display, but it is up to you.
  • Show date in testimonial – Click this box to display the date in the author strip.
  • Show location in testimonial – Click this box to display the location in the author strip.
  • Use gravatars – Click this to include Gravatars (photos). If a photo is uploaded it will be used, even if the “Use Gravatars” checkbox is not selected.
  • Use round gravatar/images – Check this box to use round images.
  • Use gravatar substitute – A substitute as defined in Settings => Discussion is used if a Gravatar is not found.
  • Gravatar size – Select a size from the drop down list.
  • Use italic font style – click this to include italic font style in the testimonial content

Gravatars – If the testimonial author has attached a Gravatar to their e-mail, and you have selected the option to show the gravatar, then it will be displayed. When using gravatars Testimonial Basics first checks to see if one exists, and it if it does it sends a second request to retrieve the image. By doing this Testimonial Basics does not have to display a “missing man” or other computer generated characters in it’s place. However it comes at a price. If you have a lot of testimonials, the page load speed will be slow. If your page load speed is slow it will likely be because you are using Gravatars and you are not using a cache plugin. It is recommended that you use a cache plugin for any site, whether or not you are using Gravatars for Testimonial Basics. I use WP Super Cache.

A second option that will speed up page load is to to select the “Use gravatar substitue” checkbox. When this is selected the existence of a gravatar is only checked once and a substitue (mystery man) is used if a gravatar does not exist.

Content Display Rotator Options

  • Time between slides – You can select 4000 to 14000 miliseconds (4-14 seconds)
  • Rotator height in pixels – Select a height of 50 to 350 pixels from the drop down list. If left variable the box height is free to change with the size of the testimonial. Tip: Set the height and then select the number of allowed characters in the excerpt to be within the box height. Also note that it is a minimumum height restriction so the box will still expand to show the content if required.
  • Rotator transition effect – Select fade, slide-left, or slide-right.

Content Display Custom Options

When you initially select a custom formatted display a default set of colors is loaded. The displays are pretty cool but if your theme has different colors, some adjustments are necessary. With the theme options panel, it is very easy to do.

Changing Colors – Using the Color Picker
  • Click the select color box for the line item you want and the color picker will appear.
  • You can enter the color you want directly into the cell or you can play with the box and the saturation bar on the right. Just drag the circle around inside the box or drag the saturation bar up or down.
  • Make sure you update your options.