Testimonial Basics: Displaying Testimonials

You can display testimonials in the content of a page using a shortcode and you can also use widgets to display testimonials.

Using a Shortcode

To display testimonials create a new page and enter the following shortcode :
[katb_testimonial group="all" number="all" by="random" id="" rotate="yes" layout="4" schema="yes"]

  • group
    • “all” – ignores groups
    • “group_name”- display only this grouping
  • number
    • “all” – displays all testimonials
    • “XX”- put in the number of testimonials you want to display
  • by
    • “random” – display randomly
    • “order” – display by order number lowest to highest
    • “date”- display most recent first
  • id
    • “” – leave blank for multiple testimonials
    • “ID1,ID2,etc” – put in one or more testimonial IDs separated by a comma
  • rotate
    • “no” – display all selected testimonials
    • “yes” – rotate each testimonial
  • layout
    • “0” – default to whatever is set up in the General Options Panel
    • “1” – no format top meta
    • “2” – no format bottom meta
    • “3” – no format side meta
    • “4” – format top meta
    • “5” – format bottom meta
    • “6” – format side meta
  • schema
    • “default” – whatever is set up in the General Options Panel
    • “yes” – override to yes
    • “no” – override to no


  • Note that if id is not blank ( id=”” ), the “group”, “by” and “number” attributes are ignored.
  • You must have more then 2 testimonials to rotate them.
  • Use pagination to display a lot of testimonials.
  • Pagination can be used to display all testimonials or all testimonials in a group.
  • Pagination does not work if by=”random” set it to by=”date” or by=”order”.
  • Do not select rotation=”yes” more than five times in a page content area.
  • IMPORTANT : Make sure you set up the page using the “Text” editor and not the “Visual” editor.
  • Layout options allow you to override the default layouts and have multiple layouts on your site.
  • Schema should only be used once on a page, this option allows you to control that.

The image below shows the set up.

A screenshot of content area layouts is shown below.

When you have quite a few testimonials the display options can help you out. In particular displaying by=”order” gives you great flexibility. Just remember that the lowest order number is displayed first. That way you can find the testimonial you want first and give it an order number of 1, etc, etc. Another thing to remember is that if you display more testimonials than you have numbered, that’s OK. The remaining testimonials will be un-ordered testimonials, displayed by most recent date.

Groups are allowed. You can assign testimonials a group name and then display only the testimonials in a particular group on a given page. The “by” and “number” options will work within the selected group.

There is a pagination option in Testimonial Basics, see the options panel. In cases where “All” testimonials are displayed by “date” or by “order” or all testimonials of a “Group” are displayed by “date” or by “order”, you can choose paginated display and then you can select 3, 5 or 10 testimonials per page.

If you select rotate=”yes” the selected testimonials will display through a single testimonial display format. You can set the slider rotation speed and type in the options panel, more on that under the Options discussion. Note: do not use the rotate option more than five times in a pages content. More than that and the slider will be unpredictable, and users will find it very confusing 🙂

You can also display gravatars and photos. The example above shows them enabled.