Canuck CP 1.0.2 Released

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Canuck CP 1.0.2 Released

Canuck CP is now released to the public.

This theme was based on the Canuck WordPress theme hosted on Anything related to Guttenberg has been removed. The new theme has been greatly modified from the Canuck theme. Post formats were removed. A simple Contact form was added and Simple sharing for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest was added.

Contact Forms have never been allowed in the WordPress theme repository. I tend to agree with that, except for simple contact forms. The contact form for Canuck CP is Author, email, website, and comments only. This will suffice for many of the themes users and I feel it is a much better option then a bulky plugin set up for any contact form imaginable.

Canuck CP also comes with an extensive home page builder. There are up to 15 sections available, that can be stacked in any order. The sections all come with documented options in the Customizer so users should be able to set up great looking landing pages. Again this feature allows you to avoid the significant bulk and learning curves that page builder plugins have.

There are 6 possible blog layouts, and full meta control for your blog.

Check out the many more features on the Canuck CP page.

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