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Endorse ClassicPress Plugin

Endorse is a testimonial plugin, just released for ClassicPress users. It allows the user to manage testimonials for their site. Please visit the Endorse for detailed information.

Users can setup input forms in the content area of a page or by using a widget. In addition to the required author and email, you can set up the input form to include, and optionally require a website url, location, and two additional custom entries. Include reCaptcha V2 on the input form. Testimonials input by a visitor will be setup in the testimonial custom post type, where the site owner can access and modify (if necessary), and finally publish the testimonial.

Testimonials can be displayed in the content area of your pages or with the use of widgets. There are many options to display only what you want. Users can also display testimonials in a manually operated slider, either in the content area or in a widget.

The plugin also facilitates user data protection, by informing visitors about saving information and by providing a system for visitors to request removal of testimonials.


Will this plugin be available on the WP Plugin Directory? Will I be notified of future updates to this plugin?

I have removed the plugin from the directory listing. It should be fine for quite a while. But at this time I have decided to leave ClassicPress.

Now if I do update the plugin, you should get a notice to that effect.

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