Canuck CP 1.0.6

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Canuck CP 1.0.6

Just a quick note about this update.

Added a fallback header.php, which is the same code as header-no-feature.php. Hopefully this fixes the “no header.php” notice that can show up when the site is in Debug mode.

The second feature added is an option to exclude html from the contact form. This option is under the Canuck CP General tab in Customizer. If you choose to disallow html, a user who tries to include it will see a “There appears to be something wrong!” popup message when they try to send. It is a simple and hopefully effective way to reduce, if not eliminate spam.

A “Text only please” message appears at the bottom of the form. You may want to mention it in a comment above the form as well. For example you may say “No links please, if required we can do that later”.

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