A Fresh Start

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A Fresh Start

So a couple of weeks ago I was finalizing an update to my Canuck WordPress Theme, and as a final bit of testing I looked at the theme with the latest bleeding edge Gutenberg plugin. The block editor for widgets was being tested. I checked my widgets and widget areas ….. and all my custom widgets were gone along with more then half the widgetized areas. The legacy support system was a disaster. That was the last straw for me. The widget block system is supposed to go core withe the WordPress 5.5 release. It is going to be fun for all the themes in the WordPress.org repository that are extensively using custom widget areas and custom widgets.

I have really not been happy with the WordPress move to blocks and Full Site Editing for a number of reasons, so I have switched to ClassicPress. When WordPress initially started down this road a group forked WordPress 4.9 into ClassicPress, and they have been updating and improving it since then. I thank them for doing that. I have been following them since it happened, and following the degradation of WordPress. I have finally decided to go all in ClassicPress. The bottom line is it must survive, the blogging and business world will desperately need an alternative in the near future. ClassicPress is waiting for them.

In the near future, I will release Canuck CP ClassicPress theme, yes the CP means ClassicPress. I have heavily modified the Canuck WordPress theme, added some options and took out a few things, such as all the Gutenberg compatibility stuff. I think the new theme is awesome.

I am also planning to release a new Testimonial Plugin, suitable for ClassicPress, no icky blocks and bloated code.

As a further note I will continue to support the Testimonial Basics plugin and Canuck WordPress theme, but I will not update the theme or plugin any more. I will be removing all the Canuck Tutorials on YouTube, and perhaps will develop YouTube tutorials for Canuck CP.

Stay tuned….

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