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Keyboard navigation

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Keyboard navigation

Canuck CP is set up for keyboard navigation to improve accessibility for users. All functionality available with the mouse should be also available by keyboard.

You can test keyboard navigation using the steps below.

  • Confirm that all links can be reached and activated via keyboard, including any in dropdown submenus.
  • Confirm that all links get a visible focus indicator (e.g., a border highlight).
  • Confirm that all visually hidden links (e.g. skip links) become visible when in focus.
  • Confirm that all form input fields and buttons can be accessed and used via keyboard.
  • Confirm that all interactions, buttons, and other controls can be triggered via keyboard — any action you can complete with a mouse must also be performable via keyboard.
  • Confirm that focus doesn’t move in unexpected ways around the page.
  • Confirm that using shift+tab to move backwards works as well.

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