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Canuck CP ClassicPress Theme

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Canuck CP ClassicPress Theme

Welcome to the Canuck CP ClassicPress Theme demo site.

Canuck CP has been designed for ClassicPress, which was initially forked before WordPress started going to Gutenberg. So if you are struggling with WordPress, there is an alternative.

This theme should work great for you right out of the box. However, if you are a website developer or someone who loves to add your own design ideas, you will find an extensive set of options available to you.

All features for this theme are available with this theme. There is no Pro Version, there is no up sell version. The options are extensive, the features are extensive, and everything is included. Try the theme out, if you like the theme, consider a donation to the Author. Any amount is gratefully accepted, but for a theme offering these features $25.00 seems a pretty good deal. Your donations provide incentives for the author to keep adding features and updates for the theme, and to provide support for any problems you may have.

I hope you enjoy the theme.

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