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Testimonial Basics 

Heartland Forest is a non-profit organization located in Niagara Falls. It has experienced fast growth since opening in 2003 and nowt hosts more than 18,000 guests annually. I’m a contract Internet presence consultant that has been charged with rebuilding all systems including the website.

We really needed a new page to highlight testimonials. While looking for other WordPress plugins, I stumbled across Kevin’s Testimonial Basics. I was able to install, configure and deploy a professional testimonials page quickly thanks to this plug-in. It also allows me to train office staff that are reluctant to work inside of WordPress and have them manage his part of the site content on their own. It was also easy to launch a new page for website guests to fill in their own testimonials. This alone will save Heartland Forest’s office staff the time typically needed to transcribe data from email and snailmail to a web page.

This is an EXCELLENT plug-in for any business or organization that wants to highlight client testimonials and have it deployed quickly and easily. It’s worth more than Kevin is asking as a donation, but don’t tell him I said that 😉

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