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Great plugin… fast support…

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Cool Plugin 

Thank you so much for the cool plugin

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Simple and Perfect 

Simple and perfect!

Easy to style to your needs, easy to setup, widget works great, and you can decide whether you’ll be in charge of all testimonials, or if you wish to let your visitors add them yourself.

You can have a page with testimonials besides the widget, and you can add single testimonials to parts of your site.


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Loving the Plugin 

Loving your testimonial Basics plugin for WP. It’s basic, easy, simple and it works like a charm. (i have a lot of these messages on my website too 🙂 )Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the plugin ! 

Hi Kevin, Thank you for you testimonial plug-in that is offered via Wordpress. It is working quite well on my blog and I love the styling that is available. I have some testimonials that are quite lengthy and would love the ability to separate paragraphs incorporated into the plug-in. Right now, all the html is stripped out.

Also, I would love the ability to add photos into the testimonials. I have just sent you a donation. I have no idea if this is in the realm of what you would consider proper, but thought I would at least express my appreciation for your programming abilities.

Thanks again and your plug-in is one of the better ones out there for testimonials. With grace and healing,

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