Oi Kevin ! 

Oi, Kevin. Seu plugin é excelente. Ainda não conheço bem. Todavia sentir otimista pela primeira impressão de que é um aplicativo que veio pra servir sem complicações. Eu já fiz dezenas de instalações de plugins para Testimonials em meu site. Até enfim pude encontrar o seu. Seu plugin serve para diversos tipos fins ou objetivos. Salve: Bispo Sena

Portugese Translation :

Hi, Kevin. Your plugin is great. Not yet know well. However feel optimistic for the first impression that is an application that came to serve without complications. I’ve done dozens of installations of plugins for Testimonials on my website. Until finally I could find yours. Your plugin is for various types purposes or goals. Save: Bishop Sena

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Cheers ! 

We’re using Testimonial Basics on our website and it is easy to set-up and use! Great support from Kevin!


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Easy to Use 

Easy to use and very customizable!

I am really impressed about this plugin.

Not only does it work, it’s easy to use and very customizable.
Kevin is always there to answer and help.

Thx for your excellent plugin Kevin!


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Expressions, awesome

What an awesome theme. Heaps of features and so flexible.

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Testimonial Basics 

A great update to the Testimonial Plugin. We’re so glad you added the rotation feature, it’s works a treat!

Thank you

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