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Help, please! If I was on the main statistics page, choose the template “Home Page”, then I have lost all the blocks plugin “Page Puilder”, and the title of the picture is. If I choose the template “Basic template”, I have the title from the picture disappears and a main statistics page.
How to expand blocks in “Page Puilder”, to change the background color of the block he was stretched across the entire width of the screen.
Thank you!

If you are using a Page Builder plugin then you should not be using the Canuck home page set up system. The Canuck home page builder is there so you do not have to use Page Builder plugins.

To get back to your page builder content, edit the page and select the default template.

Thank you. I’ve been hunting everywhere for a theme that had decent configuration options, while also having a decent explanation of how to do the configuring.

Your theme will be the basis of many sites for me from now on.

Again, thank you. Phew.

Good evening Kevin

Thank you for this fantastic template design it is so impressive!

I’ve tried the 3×1 slider format as I’d really like my content to be visible above the fold of the image, but I didn’t understand the setting for Option 1. Please could you explain how/where in posts I place the image I want to be in the slider. Also please the size of 3×1 slider images.

Would appreciate your advice. The site is going to be

Thank you,

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