Social Media Crap

Social Media Crap

I decided to start the year by dumping Facebook and Linked In. It’s been a couple of weeks now and I must say I don’t miss them.

To be fair, I will say I never used them much. They were just one of those items in a long list of items, I call time wasters. I was really only keeping a business page on Facebook for my website posts, and quite frankly got tired of all the nonsense on Facebook.

Linked in, on the other hand may have some value, but then I am retired, don’t need to feel connected, or offered jobs, or get recommendations from others. Networking, who needs it.

I think that social media has trapped us into bubbles of bullshit and false knowledge. It is a virus on the world that is now abused to the point of providing the foundation of fake news, bullying, abuse, and on and on.

Twitter is now a major news item, many times the 6 o’clock news talks about some inappropriate tweet by a politician. Careers are destroyed by a medium that encourages off-the-record banter, impulsive responses, and other bullshit. Many a good politician has gotten themselves in deep trouble over a joke, or a weak moment of ineptitude. We all have them, but now with the advance of social technology, we have them for life! Something that can creep back in to our characterization during elections, or other important activities.

So the advice to anyone is don’t say anything on social media that you don’t want hanging around, for the rest of your life. Better yet, don’t say anything at all on social media.

Twitter is next on my list.

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