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Canuck WordPress Theme

The Canuck WordPress Theme was approved today at, and the theme is now available to download.

Canuck is the first theme hosted at in a long while to allow content creation. The reason it is being allowed is you can backup content creation to a special Private page that will be available to you if you switch themes.

Canuck is full featured. I do not believe in up-sell, so this theme comes with all available features, and you will find many features and options.

Download the theme and try it out. If you decide to use Canuck do the right thing and donate. Any amount is fine, but I would suggest that $25.00 is a bargain for what this theme offers.

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Yes im using this theme building a website.
1). But my LOGO cant move to left extreme, its too much to center. How to solve this ?
2). I want to write into the main Header image as above other than the spaces given above. How ?
3). I want to add more colour to the Navibar and put a border. Hovering colours more etc.
My email is :
Cannot give my site URL i think. Ill try anyway :
Please kindly reply on Email. Thanks !!!

Sorry, I do not supply customization services.
With all the customizing you want set up a child theme and then you will be able to make changes.
For the logo, place your logo on a transparent 230px wide by 100px high background.

Hi, Kevin,

Thank you for providing this theme. I’d like to prevent any author information from appearing anywhere on my site. (Not your name, but the post authors.) I found the authors.php file, but I’m not sure what code to disable/comment out. I obviously can’t just remove the file, as it appears to have other pertinent code. Do you have any suggestions on how I might edit either this file or the style.css file to obtain my goal? I’d use a plugin, but most of them have shady reviews and are said to conflict with other plugins from time to time. I’d rather just change the code. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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