Canuck Tutorials – Homepage Part 3


Hi Brian must have been your cache, I tried and everything is fine.

Always try “Ctrl” and “F5” to try and load a clean page.

Also if you are using a cache plugin you can try deleting the cache.

I an trying to get an image to show up in the service box, section 4 for example, I select it, it shows that its selected, but it will not appear on the preview screen, am I missing a step

Or try deactivating all the superfluous Plugins that you might have tried in an earlier attempt with another theme and do not need to keep around just in case. I am working with adapting the theme to an existing WordPress site. The current configuration was not compatible with the version of PHP that I am moving to. That problem had more to do with all these legacy plugins that I removed. At this point I am not finding any roadblocks with the Canuck Theme and I can fit what I plan to do into it quite well. I am sure I will have more questions as I go forward. I am still using the old theme (without all the Plugins) It had 3 service boxes, but I really needed more. the Canuck theme handles this nicely. the next thing is add a slider, and play with the home page image, can it be shorter?

I will try this later today, I am thinking that I need to do some prep work with the images that I plan to use to make them better fit the template. and then I will use the slider as the home page back-up. This is a better fit to the current page that I am adapting, so your suggestion is an excellent idea.

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