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Canuck Tutorials – Blog

This post covers how to set up your blog using the Canuck WordPress Theme. The Canuck theme offers cool options for your blog with 4 page layouts and 6 blog styles. You can include a feature image or slider if you want. You can select what type of post meta you would like included, customize the blog title, and excerpt size.


I am so very confused. I am trying to set up my blog and I can’t seem to find a way to turn off the Feature Images. I just want a single column of text with no images to the side or top. Just text.

Is there no way to turn this off?

Sorry for full width, a side feature layout is used which requires featured images.

The only way to avoid using featured images is to use the top feature blog layout which must have at least one sidebar.

If this does mot fit what you want to do then please try a different theme.

Hi Kevin, question regarding the blog title of an individual post, can it be excluded? You have that option for individual pages. Right now on posts, I have two titles, the blog title and then again as a link to the post below it. When I add a headline to the post, it gets busy with basically three headlines.

Great theme btw!

Quick question, how do I change the order of the posts on the blog in your theme? Couldn’t find it in the settings anywhere. Is it there?

Looking to make it first to last, not last to first.

WordPress displays posts in reverse chronological order, that is the standard. I believe there are plugins available to change this, but I have not tested any of them with Canuck.

Everything is going well, just one question at this point, can I shorten the Home page image and move to the header sections higher up on the page. The documentation tells me that this image is ideal at 1100 × 733 pixels, Can I shorten it to 1/2 that in height?

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