Format: [pp_3d_button title="Your Title" align="left" size="small" background_color="yellow" font_color="green" link="//www.yourlink.ext/"]Your Text[/pp_3d_button]

  • title: This text will appear when you hover over the button
  • align: left(default), right, center, in-line
  • size: small(default), medium, large
  • background-color: any hex color (default #cccccc) or web color (ex: red)
  • font-color: any hex color (default #000000) or web color (ex: red)
  • link: any url of the form http://www.yourlink.ext/
Button with Default Settings
Yellow Green Button in the Center
Large Button
Blue Small Button

This is an example of an In-line Button It allows the user to place the button in the same line as the text, and could be used to further highlight a link.