The Jot WordPress Theme is a single column WordPress Theme designed for mobile devices first. The theme also looks great on larger devices, and includes a 2 or 3 column grid option, that can add a modern look to your theme. Though this demo may not look like a single column theme, I can assure you that it is. There are no sidebars on the side, but a post grid system presents the post in a grid system. If you narrow the width the theme will resume a single column look, an posts should look great 🙂

At first glance a single column theme would appear limited, but I can assure you there is powerful options under the hood, allowing you to have extensive control over the look and functionality of the theme.

There is no up-sell in this theme, a term where the free themes contain limited options, and entice you to by a more feature rich pro version. There is no pro version of Jot. All feature rich options are included.

I’m not saying the theme is free, that’s not what open source or a GPL license means. You can download the theme, try it out and even use it. However if you decide to use it, show your appreciation with a small donation.

  • Post Options
    • Choose one, two or three columns for your blog page. Now I know I indicated a single column theme, but for the blog page, you can choose a two or three column grid system that looks great on larger devices or, changes to single column on smaller devices.
    • You can use excerpts and define the excerpt size. The theme uses an intelligent excerpt system that maintains HTML, so you don’t lose the look of your post in the excerpt.
    • You can exclude author,date,categories, or tags in your posts.
  • Color Options – Users can set up the look of the theme with color adjustments in the Customize Options panel. However, the theme looks great right out of the box and will work fine without you ever changing any option.
  • Post Formats
    • All post formats are supported;standard, aside, audio, chat, gallery, image, link, quote, status, and video.
    • Special tags allow you to place content in the feature area for audio, quote, and video post formats.
  • Action Bar
    • Navigation is done through a mobile friendly button in the Action bar.
    • Social Links can be added to the action bar.
    • The action bar also includes a search button.
    • You can optionally provide a link to your contact page.
  • More Navigation Strip
    • Jot also includes an additional navigation strip for more advanced navigation.
    • Breadcrumbs, categories, tags, calendar, recent posts, and recent comments are all optionally included.
  • Widgetized Areas
    • Widgetized areas are set up at the top of the page, before content and after content, allowing the user to include advertisements, or other widgetized content.
    • Content for widgetized areas for pages is selected during the page set up allowing more widget flexibility.
  • Slider
    • Jot comes with Flex Slider, a great slider developed by WooCommerce.
    • The slider is set up as a widget, and can be placed on you bog and static pages.

Download Jot

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