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September 2016
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    Jot Features

    The Jot WordPress Theme is a single column WordPress Theme designed for mobile devices first. The theme also looks great on larger devices, and includes a 2 or 3 column grid option,

    Image Post Format

    Maui Sunset
    Camera : Canon EOS REBEL T1i | Width : 1024 px | Height : 683 px |
    Aperture : 5.6 | Focal Length : 250 | Shutter Speed : 200

    Maui Sunset

    Sometimes being in the right place at the right time, is better then being a good photographer. Shot at the Sheraton Black Rock Resort, Feb 4,2011.

    If you are a serious photographer, Jot provides a neat way to blog about a specific picture you took. Select the Image Post Format and install a feature image with the picture you want to blog about.

    This is an example of a Status Post Format, which is a short status update, similar to a Twitter update.

    You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.Mae West

    Quote Post Format

    Do you like to start off your blog post with a quote? Jot has a great feature that can grab your quote and place it in the feature area of the post.

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    Gallery Post Format

    The above gallery is some shots I took from a recent getaway in Victoria, British Columbia.

    When you use the Gallery Post Format, Jot will take the first Gallery in your post and set it up in the feature area of the post in a carousel navigated slide slow.

    Link Post Format

    The Link Post Format is not used specifically to post a link, though it could do that. In the Jot theme, the Link Post Format has the same Post Icon as the Standard Post Format but it serves a special purpose.

    The Link Post Format will never use excerpt filters, even if the user has opted to use excerpts in the Jot Options => Blog tab. So it is ideal for using it where you may not want the excerpt filtering.

    A good example of this is the JetPack Tiled Gallery Plugin. Using the Gallery Post Format will not work for The JetPack Tiled Gallery shortcode because Panache handles Galleries in a special way. If you are using excerpts the Standard Post Format will not work either because of the previously mentioned filtering. So the Link Post Format is the option.

    An example Tiled Gallery is shown below.

    This is an Aside Post Format which is “Typically styled without a title. Similar to a Facebook note update.”