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Panache WordPress Theme

The Panache WordPress theme offers incredible flexibility; 9 layouts, 10 sliders, 31 sidebars, 70 fonts. unlimited Portfolio Pages, over 200 options, 1, 2, and 3 column blogs, and oh yes it is Responsive, and looks great on small media devices.

AuthorI hope you enjoy the theme, take it for a spin and let me know what you think. I’m open to suggestions for improvements and would of course appreciate hearing about any bugs, which I will fix.

Layout Options

Panache comes with 9 different options allowing full width, two column, and three column layouts, and each page can be any layout. A side menu is supported.

Blog Options

Use one column or 2/3 column grid layouts. Use excerpts or full posts, Exclude time stamp, author, categories, and/or tags. Post Formats supported.

Static Home Page

Feature slider and eight content areas; four 1-column (widgets/shortcodes accepted), two 2-column, one 3-column, and one 4-column.


Panache comes with four custom widgets including the Author Widget you see an example of on the left. It also comes with a social widget so social links can be placed anywhere a widgetized area exists.

A Category Widget and the Recent Posts Widget were developed to allow the user to eliminate specific categories from those lists.

Header Options

There are two header layout options with a possibility of 14 different configurations for your header. The menu can be left, right or centred for Layout Option 1. There are also two widgetized areas in the header.


The footer can be 3 or 4 columns, with an optional full width widget strip, and a 3 section copyright strip. Both the footer and copyright strip can be optionally excluded.
gallery post format image post format

Post Formats

All post formats except the Link one are supported. Video and the Gallery post formats are presented in the feature areas. The Image Post Format allows the user the option of listing the photo meta, a neat feature for professional photographers.

Service 6 Image

Mobile Devices

Panache is a Responsive WordPress Theme. Try it on your mobile devices, or simply change your screen size to see how it fluidly transforms for all devices.

Portfolio Pages

Panache comes with unlimited Portfolio Pages which can be set up full width, or with 1-4 column layouts. Special under-the-hood programming allows great flexibility with links and content presentation.

Page Templates

In addition to the Portfolio Page Template, Panache comes with Archive, Siteplan, and Feature Slider templates.

The Feature Template allows the developer to set up a Feature slider at the top of the page. All 10 sliders are available. This template is shown on the left.


10 standard web fonts, 12 Google web fonts and 14 @fontface fonts

Plugins & Child Themes

There is a Contact Captcha Basics plugin, a Panache Pizazz plugiin, and Child Theme skins available for download.


31 sidebars offering great flexibility when setting up pages on your site


Child Theme and PageNavi Ready