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IE11 Round 2

Found out that the previous update did not work properly so made another change to Expressions and blogBox and I am issuing new updates.

If anyone out there notices ie11 problems…let me know.

Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility

Update: The new versions of blogBox and Expressions are still not working in IE11 …..stay tuned.

Internet Explorer is at it again. I recently found out that IE 11 has some compatibility issues with both the blogBox and Expression themes.

Expressions Basic Child Theme

I’m starting to get requests for theme changes and I always recommend using a child theme. Many WordPress users don’t really understand WordPress Child Themes, so I thought I would develop a series of posts about using Child Themes with the Expressions WordPress Theme and the blogBox WordPress Theme.

Using audio.js in WordPress

I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’ve been busy developing a second WordPress Theme. The theme I am designing uses Post Formats and also is being designed as a mobile ready responsive theme.