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BlogBox Version 3.45.4 Available

Just a quick update blogBox, the latest version is now 3.45.4 as a few minor changes were made for The theme is available here or over at

I am in the process of updating blogBox right now.

So far the main changes I am contemplating are :

  • New menu system allowing left,right or centered menus
  • full width blog template/option
  • Update the ugly wine theme!

Do any blogBox users want any other changes? If you do, click the comments button in the upper right hand corner and add your suggestion.


Expressions 1.28.4 Available

The latest version of Expressions is now ready for download.

The update makes improvements on image handling and adds a new feature to optionally display single posts without a sidebar.

Expressions Version 1.16.3

A new version of Expressions is now available.

In version 1.09.2 I integrated the Audio, Video, and Quote shortcodes into the theme including easy use buttons on the text and visual toolbars.

Expressions Version 1.09.2 Available

Expressions Version 1.09.2 is now available for download.

It is really a fix for the initial release as it removes the Post Format 3.6 UI integration. decided to remove the Post Format UI after the initial release of Expressions.