Why am I doing this?


I’m retired now. I worked in the Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta for 30 years as an Engineer. I am a computer nut, I love to build computers and to develop programs. This is my second run at developing a website, and I’m looking forward to blogging as they say.

I want to use it to share ideas, opinions and photos with family and friends. I always have an opinion about something, and blogging is a great way to share (heh heh). I will also be offering programs on the site. Kevin’s Space will undoubtably change over time, as I get better at developing web sites, and as I better understand all the things it can do for me.

In any event it’s a fun way to spend time….and as I said…. I am retired.

What I Enjoy !

A glass of fine red wine – Silver Oak Cabernet is my favourite.
Computers – I love to build them.
Computer programming – have dabbled in programming all my life.
Fine dinning – who doesn’t like this – Villa Firenze in Calgary a long time favourite place for Italian.
Cruising – Diana and I have been on 7 cruises – Holland America and the Carribean the best combo!
Maui – Kaanapali Beach is one of my favourite places.
Movies – Avatar, Lord of the Rings remain my favourites.
Music – I love many genre’s of music ;Rock(Elton John, Billy Joel, Peter Gabriel), Smooth Jazz(Peter White, Mindy Abair)
New Age (Michael Hedges, William Ackerman), Celtic (Laureena McKennitt), Country (Dixie Chicks).
Golfing – except in the wind and rain