Sorry this update took so long. A quick revision turned into a major overhaul, and testing has basically taken an extra month. The entire plugin has been mostly re-written. The overall objective was to reduce the code where ever possible, and set up a new format to supply flexibility for future updates. Hopefully I have achieved that 🙂

Upgrade Notices

  • Backup your testimonials
  • Backup your WordPress Data base as a precautionary measure
  • Install the new version.
  • Check all your pages that have testimonials and input forms.
  • You may have to reset your widgets.
  • Contact me if there are any problems.

Major changes

  • Added RTL (Right to Left) Support
  • Added titles to testimonials
  • Added two additional custom fields
  • Added mosaic layout to content display
  • Removed rateit.js and associated code, only the css system is now available
  • Fixed bug in email notifications
  • Added in box labels to content input form
  • added in box labels to content input form
  • Modified captcha generation system