Lets continue the series and talk about titles.

What are Header Tags?

Titles in HTML are displayed through the use of title tags. There are six tags available to you and they are the h1,h2,h3,h4,h5, and h6 tags where the h really denotes header.

Now these tags can be used differently by different themes, meaning they are really styled differently. If you are ever curious about how your theme manages headers simply create a quick post and leave it in draft form, that is do not publish it. You can then preview the draft to see what your theme is doing with headers.

This is a Header 1 style

This is a Header 2 style

This is a Header 3 style

This is a Header 4 style

This is a Header 5 style
This is a Header 6 style

Also note that there is more to header tags then just different styles. Typically the ranking of importance of headers is h1 (most important) to h6 (least important). So really in any document or page on a site the h1 tag is the most important and Google will treat it that way in presenting data in their searches.

Google and header tags

Header tags should be used to define or create a hierarchical structure or in simple terms, an outline for your content. The concept here is users should be able to quickly glance at the headers and get a concept of what the content is about.

With that in mind :

  • don’t put text in headings that don’t define the structure of the content
  • don’t use tags in content where other tags such as <em> or <strong> are more appropriate
  • do progressively use higher number header tags as your outline extends a topic
  • use header tags sparingly, they are there to point out important highlights
  • don’t put paragraphs into header tags because you like the styles, that is not what header tags are designed for

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