Testimonial Basics now has Emotion 🙂 Version 4.2.2 supports WordPress Smiley’s and Emoji’s.

User feedback matters. I received a comment from a user that when someone tried to upload a testimonial with emoji’s from a mobile device, the plugin indicated a successful submission, but in fact the testimonial did not upload. After much investigation, I had to enter the underworld of MYSQL data collation, surfacing for air and an ultimate solution to the problem. In short the solution was much more trickier than I first thought.

You may notice a few strange image tags in the edit panel as WordPress converts the smiley to a image link. Emojis’s will show directly in the edit panel and the display panel.

The change log is below:

  • Added support for WordPress Smiley’s
  • Added support for Emoji’s
  • Fixed bug in website required checks
  • Improved security

Keep the comments and suggestions coming 🙂 and please slow down the donations, one $10.00 donation every couple of months is way more than I can handle. For those of you out there that have not donated, you should receive 50 lashes with a wet noodle, and then have to write “I am a freeloader” 1000 times on toilet paper with a Sharpie.