A new version of Testimonial Basics is ready for download.

The schema was changed as the result of a suggestion by a user….thank you for the feedback.

The css box has been on the update list for a while, and provides an easy way for you to make style changes to Testimonial Basics. It will also help me to provide support to users who need a style change.

Changing the order of loading the custom styles is a very important feature change, and it should have been done this way the first time around. It may however affect some custom user style changes. If so, and you are stuck, contact me and I will help you fix it.

Changelog :

  • Changed schema format for individual reviews
  • Added css box
  • Changed custom styles to load using wp_add_inline_style() so they load after katb_user_styles.css
  • Removed katb_custom_styles.php and code associated with the file load
  • Improved security