The Panache WordPress Theme went through a fairly major upgrade about 4 weeks ago and I forgot to post about it.

Of particular note is that the favicon option has been removed because it is now a part of WordPress Core. Go to Site Identity in the Customize panel to reset your favicon.

  • Fixed css on homepage sections to look better on iPhone devices, particularly sections 4,6, and 8
  • Removed extra Vimeo option
  • Fixed formats on standard galleries
  • Changed font awesome to load a separate file
  • Fixed __construct problem in widgets
  • Fixed bug in Customize that replaced the Panache General options panel with the theme links panel. In previous versions of WordPress the theme links panel was prepended to the first panel, now in version 4.3 the first panel is replaced. Resolved by adding a dummy panel.
  • Removed theme support for < 4.1 title tag
  • Removed favicon support from theme – core does that now
  • Revamped options to kha-customizer.php system
  • Changes customize form width to 350px from 300px