Think of HTML as type setting. It is all about tags you can use to display text, images, and links on your site. This blog is about paragraph tags.

I use a plugin called Crayon that allows me to easily enter code that will be ignored by the browser and presented in the blog. This allows me to show you what html looks like without having the browser interpret the HTML. Sounds tricky 🙂 But really I just wrap text in <code></code> or <pre></pre> tags and the plugin takes care of the rest.

<p></p> = paragraph tags

The first think you note is that there is an opening and a closing tag, with the closing tag being the same as the opening tag but with a “/” added. This is pretty consistent with html but there can be exceptions. Wrap your paragraphs in paragraph tags.

However WordPress has a function called autop that can help you if you are lazy 🙂 If the function sees a line break twice in a row it will automatically insert paragraph tags. A line break twice in a row would occur when you hit the twice in a row. This paragraph was created that way. If you view the source of this page you would see that this paragraph is wrapped in tags.

Viewing the source is done by a right mouse click and then select “View Source” or something similar on most browsers. What will come up for your reading pleasure is the page you are looking at with all the html code. Can you find this content there?

I still think it is better to wrap your paragraphs yourself and don’t trust the Autop function because sometimes it can be a little quirky.

I’ll cover title tags in the next post.


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