Expressions 2.2.0 is available for download.

This is a major update, and users will have to take a few minutes to make some adjustments to their themes.

  • Please go through all your pages and widgetized areas to ensure they are working.
  • The blog page will have to be reset because templates are no longer used. If you are using a static front page you will need to create a new page (call it blog) using the default template. Select this page in Settings->Reading under the posts page dropdown.
  • The integrated contact form and captcha is no longer allowed by so these features have been removed. I have created a separate plugin that allows you to get the same contact form and captcha. It is available at the author site.
  • The favicon option has been removed because it is now a WordPress Core feature. Go to Appearance->Customize->Site Identity to upload your favicon.
  • Theme option have been converted to the Customize interface. Go to Appearance->Customize to see the Expression Options.
  • You will need to reset your fonts. The font option system has been changed, @font-face fonts are no longer supported and the google drop down selection has been removed. You can still set up your sites header and body(main text) font separately. You can select either a standard font or any google font you want. Go to Appearance=>Customize and select Expressions Styles=>Font Options to reset your fonts. Please make sure the Google font inputs are empty if you are not using them.