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Posts for : September 2015

HTML Blogging – Paragraphs

Think of HTML as type setting. It is all about tags you can use to display text, images, and links on your site. This blog is about paragraph tags.

I use a plugin called Crayon that allows me to easily enter code that will be ignored by the browser and presented in the blog.

HTML Blogging – Introduction

Hi my name is Kevin and I love WordPress. I started using WordPress 5 years ago to help create a website for my Daughters business. I retired about that time and was looking for something to keep my mind busy and sharp.

Testimonial Basics Version 4.2.1

A new version of Testimonial Basics is ready for download.

The schema was changed as the result of a suggestion by a user….thank you for the feedback.

The css box has been on the update list for a while,

Panache Version 1.0.9

The Panache WordPress Theme went through a fairly major upgrade about 4 weeks ago and I forgot to post about it.

Of particular note is that the favicon option has been removed because it is now a part of WordPress Core.