I am very excited to announce that Panache, my latest WordPress Theme has been approved at WordPress.org.

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For a hobby programmer like myself, a theme like Panache is a huge undertaking. I started developing the theme to use on my daughters website at Paper Panache Invitations & Design Ltd. There were a lot of great themes out there, but in the end there would be some custom requirements and so we decided to take a run at another WordPress Theme.

That was over a year ago. I love WordPress and with a steady influx of self learning over the past 4 years, I feel I have become pretty darned good at it. This theme is I think a very good theme, offering incredible flexibility. I like to think that it is widely adaptable to any user experience levels, but that will play out in the next year. Developers will find great flexibility in layouts and in options, and it is child theme ready.

I hope you enjoy the theme, take it for a spin and let me know what you think. I’m open to suggestions for improvements and would of course appreciate hearing about any bugs, which I will fix. Also take a look at the number of files and lines of code, and you will see why it took a year. If you like the theme and are using it, go to the download page and send me a donation. I don’t make any money at this, if I was doing this for a living I would be dead of starvation long ago. However the Superfish, Colorbox, FitVid, Slick Nav, Flex Slider, and Nivo Slider plugins used in Panache are all coded by great folks in the business, and I would like to pass a few bucks there way.