Testimonial Basics 4.0.6 is now available for download.

Testimonial Basics has continued to gain happy users. Since it was first introduced in September 2012, it has gone through 17 updates, and it continues to improve. Keep the suggestions coming 🙂 Also remember to donate, it’s a huge effort to maintain the plugin so remember to show your appreciation.

A summary of the upgrade is below :

  • You can now have multiple input forms on a page
  • There is a bulk delete feature in the Edit Testimonials Panel
  • An optional CSS star rating system can be used, in place of the jQuery one. This option provides an option for users when the jQuery one is not working properly. It also give the user better control on the color and shadow of the stars.
  • Thankyou/Error messaging has been improved, allowing on page or popup messaging.
  • Widget input form labels can now optionally be placed above the text boxes.
  • Email notes are now separate for the widget and content input forms.