The latest version of Testimonial Basics is available at and under the Software tab of this site.

This is a major update, with many new features and options. Existing users may have to reset their widgets, and shortcodes. The plugin has been extensively tested and the update should go smoothly;-)

Major new features and updates:

  • Optional 5 star rating system
  • Optional schema mark-up, including Company and Aggregate summaries. Schema markup provides rich content for search engines to display in their results.
  • Display a Title in your testimonials, using a group name or custom name.
  • Place the meta strip above or below the testimonial
  • The Edit Testimonial Panel has been re-designed, and now includes a photo upload button
  • The color captcha has been re-designed.
  • Testimonial input forms can now be set-up with a pre-defined Group name
  • The slider has been improved allowing fixed height, timer control and three slide actions.
  • Gravatars can be sized, and a substitute option is now available
  • Text size can be changed for input forms and display of testimonials

I’ve been working pretty steady on this update since October’13. It’s taken a long time because the extensive options require extensive testing. I do try my best to ensure that it runs trouble free. If there are any bugs or problems, please let me know.

As always suggestions for improvements drive the updates, so keep them coming.

If you try the plugin and like it or are using the plugin without a donation, remember the hard work and updates, and show your appreciation.