Update: The new versions of blogBox and Expressions are still not working in IE11 …..stay tuned.

Internet Explorer is at it again. I recently found out that IE 11 has some compatibility issues with both the blogBox and Expression themes. The compatibility view is on by default, when you install IE11.

The themes have conditional class tags that will add ie7, ie8 global classes if the browser is one of those versions. That way specific css rules can be used to get around some of the quirks of those browsers. IE11 does not read these tags properly and instead takes the first tag and sets up it’s compatibility view to ie7. This of course has caused a lot of problems with plugins, etc that are not compatible with earlier versions of Explorer.

There are many WordPress themes out there that will encounter similar problems.

Expressions has been updated to version 2.0.0. This was strictly a IE11 compatibility update. A more extensive update is in development.

blogBox has been updated to 4.0.0 to be compatible with IE11. In addition to the IE11 fix, the color captcha was updated, and a minor few bugs were fixed.

As a result of the updates, Expressions and blogBox will not be compatible with IE7 or IE8.

These updates have been submitted to WordPress.org and should be approved in the next few days. They are also available for download under the Software tab.