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Posts for : January 2014

Testimonial Basics Version 4.0.3

This update addresses a couple of things :

  • The user can now select an option to “Use a popup thank you”. One user was having a problem that the thank you message was not being displayed after a testimonial was submitted.

IE11 Round 2

Found out that the previous update did not work properly so made another change to Expressions and blogBox and I am issuing new updates.

If anyone out there notices ie11 problems…let me know.

Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility

Update: The new versions of blogBox and Expressions are still not working in IE11 …..stay tuned.

Internet Explorer is at it again. I recently found out that IE 11 has some compatibility issues with both the blogBox and Expression themes.

Testimonial Basics Translations

Just released a new update that includes a Spanish Translation….Thank you Graciela.

Testimonial Basics is now available in English, French, Dutch, and Spanish.

The update also fixes a bug that was preventing the database from updating with new submitted testimonials.

Found a few more problems with the Testimonial Basics plugin today….nothing major, but sloppy non the less, on my part.


The font selection for the widget won’t work due to a css error, and a few popup display bugs needed to be corrected.

Sorry folks, I’ll have an update in a few days.