Just a quick update blogBox, the latest version is now 3.45.4 as a few minor changes were made for WordPress.org. The theme is available here or over at WordPress.org.

The blogBox update is now available. The update adds a number of new features and improvements to the theme:

  • Full width blog option, including an option to display single posts in full width
  • The menu can now be placed left, right or centered
  • The featured area now includes an option to use a widgetized area, in the small slide show options
  • A second template for the left and right sidebar pages was added, so users now have more sidebars to use.
  • You can now choose to display 3 or 4 footer columns.
  • The footer can be excluded
  • The copyright strip can be excluded
  • Font Awesome has been incorporated to the theme.

Fontawesome is a collection of vector icons that can be used in theme development, and in posts if you want to dig into the goodness.

The theme update has been submitted to WordPress.org for approval.

Hope you enjoy the updates:)