A new version of Expressions is now available.

In version 1.09.2 I integrated the Audio, Video, and Quote shortcodes into the theme including easy use buttons on the text and visual toolbars. These buttons greatly simplify the use of these post formats, keeping the user from having to remember nasty html post procedures every time you want to do a post. The day after the release I was having a coffee and feeling very good about the new release when it dawned on me that WordPress.org wouldn’t approve the theme update because the shortcodes affect the content display.

So I took the shortcodes out of the theme. Users who have used them already, and there shouldn’t really be that many will have to revise those posts affected.

The good news is that the shortcodes are now available in the form of a plugin, called Kevins Post Format Helper. Install the plugin into your plugin folder and activate it and they will be available as before. I’ve changed the shortcode prefix from “exp” to “kapf” so you will still have to reset your posts using the shortcodes. The reason for this is I will also use the plugin in the blogBox Theme.

Both the update and the plugin are available at the theme page.

Sorry for all the kerfuffle 🙂