Expressions Version 1.09.2 is now available for download.

It is really a fix for the initial release as it removes the Post Format 3.6 UI integration. decided to remove the Post Format UI after the initial release of Expressions. This update will account for that. You must update to the new version, or there may be problems with your site.

The following changes were made:

  • fixed button shadows on webkit and moz elements, fixed for link post
  • changed date display format to the one selected in Settings General
  • removed all Post Format UI specific elements and tested all posts and skins
  • set up short codes for Audio, Video and Quote Post Formats
  • added shotscodes to Text and Visual Toolbars
  • Updated the documentation
  • added css styling for pagenavi for better responsiveness
  • added ms gradients
  • fixed IE10 bugs, feature image not clickable

Also note that documentation for the theme is only available at the demo site. It is no longer included in the download package.

If you use the theme, then show your appreciation. It seems these days that the whole world is looking for a freebie. You can donate to my retirement fund at the download page.

Expressions Download Page

You can also put in a review at Expressions Theme