Content Pizazz version 1.09.1 is now available at

This plugin was in a sorry state and needed an upgrade badly, the biggest problem being the need of a user interface. There is now an admin panel for the plugin under the plugins tab. In it are instructions for using the shortcodes.

Also there are now buttons available on the text and visual toolbars so the user an quickly add the default shortcode.

Text Toolbar


The buttons can be hidden with the “CP On/Off” button. Simply click on the shortcode you want and the default shortcode is shown.

Visual Toolbar


The visual toolbar buttons are behind the “Kitchen Sink” button

Divider Button

The above divider line is a new feature. Click the “cp-divide” button and the shortcode appears. Enter the color number, line width (50 to 80), line height (1 to 5) and you now have a divider line to separate content.

Toggle Button

A new addition to the Content Pizazz group is Toggle. Toggle allows you to hide content behind a button. Simply click “cp-toggle” button and enter the toggle message and the toggle content.

See Code

cp-divide shortcode

I love this plugin, use it all the time.

Download it here