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Posts for : July 2013

Content Pizazz Version 1.09.1

Content Pizazz version 1.09.1 is now available at

This plugin was in a sorry state and needed an upgrade badly, the biggest problem being the need of a user interface.

blogBox Version 3.05.2

blogBox version 3.05.2 is now ready for download. I made a few revisions to be able to submit the update to WordPress for approval. The audio, video, and quote shortcodes would not have been approved by because they affect the display content.

Expressions Version 1.16.3

A new version of Expressions is now available.

In version 1.09.2 I integrated the Audio, Video, and Quote shortcodes into the theme including easy use buttons on the text and visual toolbars.

Expressions Version 1.09.2 Available

Expressions Version 1.09.2 is now available for download.

It is really a fix for the initial release as it removes the Post Format 3.6 UI integration. decided to remove the Post Format UI after the initial release of Expressions.