The new version of Testimonial Basics is now available.

This version has a few changes asked for by users :

  • Pagination is now included in the Edit Testimonials Panel, 10 per page
  • Pagination is an option for displaying testimonials when all testimonials or all testimonials in a group are selected. The user can display 5 or 10 testimonials per page
  • Date format is now the default selected in Settings => General
  • Users with access to the edit panel can now add images
  • Thankyou Hans for the Dutch translation

As always, remember to show your appreciation! If you download the plugin and decide to use it a donation is appreciated. There have been almost 10,000 downloads of this plugin, and I can count on two hands the number of donations I have received. Now I’m really doing this because I love programming, but don’t you think a donation is appropriate if you decide to use the plugin? šŸ™‚