Well blogBox has been doing pretty well since it was released. There have been 3850 downloads since it was released on Oct 20’12. I expect the downloads will soften considerably as the theme is no longer listed on the front page at WordPress.org.

One item that has caused a bit of confusion is documentation of the theme. I had initially supplied a detailed folder of documentation with the theme uploaded to WordPress.org but for some reason it did not get repackaged in the release zip file. In any event documentation is now available on line at blogBox Demo Site.

You can also download the theme at blogBox Theme Download. This download includes full documentation in a separate folder.

I spent a lot of time on the documentation as it walks you through setting up your website. I’ve only had a few questions on the theme so far so I’m taking that as a positive sign that the users are able to figure everything out.

Comments on the theme are welcome.