Well I’ve been quite busy lately, going through the changes requested by my last theme reviewer at WordPress.org. I had to reprogram quite a few things to satisfy their requirements:

  • User Options- I had set up the user options with a data table for each tab, hence 5 data tables. WordPress.org requires all user options to be stored in one table. I found Chip Bennett’s Oenology theme to be an excellent source for setting up tabbed user options in one table. Chip also has a good tutorial available.
  • Shortcodes – WordPress.org do not like to see content related shortcodes in the themes as they indicate that it represents a form of Theme Lock-in, an apparent no-no. I had a pretty good discussion with the reviewer about it but at the end of the day it was better to just remove them. I put all of the shortcodes into a plugin called Content Pizazz. It is now available to everyone on this site or at WordPress.org.

It sure has been a learning experience trying to get this theme approved. At the end of the day I must say I have a lot of respect for the folks and volunteers at WordPress.org. If you need a theme, the ones available at WordPress.org have been through a detailed vetting process before approval. If there are any problems with themes at WordPress.org there is a great forum with experienced developers to help you out.