Been pretty busy the past week working on my daughters website. The website is called Kimberly has started a business called Paper Panache Invitations & Design. Go to her website and take a look, if you need a special invitation or anouncement contact her. The invitations are made with special paper, and a special printer, and with Kimberly’s 6 years experience they come out looking better than store bought invites. The neat thing is that you get an invitation developed by a graphic designer. She will sit with you, and get your input to design an invitation to meet your needs and taste. Some folks shy away because they are concerned about the expense, but I highly encourage you to talk to Kimberly. Quotes are free, and you may be suprised at the price, and you will definitely be extremely pleased with the invitation.

Kimberly also can help you on the corporate side with logo design and branding, corporate event invitations and business cards.