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HTML Blogging – Titles

Lets continue the series and talk about titles.

What are Header Tags?

Titles in HTML are displayed through the use of title tags. There are six tags available to you and they are the h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,

HTML Blogging – Paragraphs

Think of HTML as type setting. It is all about tags you can use to display text, images, and links on your site. This blog is about paragraph tags.

I use a plugin called Crayon that allows me to easily enter code that will be ignored by the browser and presented in the blog.

Testimonial Basics 4.2.2

Testimonial Basics now has Emotion 🙂 Version 4.2.2 supports WordPress Smiley’s and Emoji’s.

User feedback matters. I received a comment from a user that when someone tried to upload a testimonial with emoji’s from a mobile device,

HTML Blogging – Introduction

Hi my name is Kevin and I love WordPress. I started using WordPress 5 years ago to help create a website for my Daughters business. I retired about that time and was looking for something to keep my mind busy and sharp.